Slight cracking around the edges

I am so ready to be going home


lmao i dislike children with a fiery passion, but if one wants to talk to me or w/e im nice to it. its a child. it is completely dependent on its parent, and doesn’t know better.  It’s not it’s fault that it’s shitty. and kids usually grow out of their shit behavior. i did.

so be nice to children okay. even if ya dont like em.

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Vincent belbari - AKA: Youcoucou

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Some Luna sketchings


It’s a revolution I suppose. (x)

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I can’t wait for Thanksgiving. 

drtracksuit DUDE!

Another day in Geometry


fyi calm.com is really great and has guided medition and timed ambient sounds and soothing animations 

and the name of the website is easy to remember if you’re in the middle of an #anxiety episode or something!!

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